A Family Business...

Fent's Dairy Corner was started in 1972 on a corner of Orla Fent's egg farm property. By the time his daughter Rita Hall and her sister and brother took over the operation of the business, Rita realized the store couldn't continue to operate without making some changes. Fent's children decided to construct a new building and expand the parking lot.

Thanks to the new dining space, Fent's doesn't have to close for the winter. Since opening year round in 2013, they've added pizza to their menu favorites of ice cream, subs and hot dogs.

Our Original Building from 1972 to 2013

The Extended Fent Family still owns and operates the Dairy Corner on a daily basis.

Our New Building with sit down

service completed in 2013

"if you don't take a chance,

you can never get ahead."

- Orla Fent